Museums R+D


Museums are facing a challenging future.

Greater competition for leisure time. A veritable panoply of educational options now available to children and adults. An increased need to provide evidence that what they do matters.

Without robust, field-wide research and development to understand how and why museums engage visitors effectively, now and in the future, museums are falling behind with a diminishing case for visiting, and for support.

It’s not hard to understand why. R&D is expensive and museums have tight budgets. But R&D is a crucial building block for long-term sustainability in today’s complex world. US Businesses invest $300 billion each year on R&D, an average of 4.9% of revenue, to ensure their future growth. But without those kinds of budgets, what can museums do to ensure their future growth?

We are proposing a solution.


With the launching of Museums R+D, Reach Advisors has designed a membership program to help member museums field deep, long-term, comprehensive national research to help member museums deliver more value for their various stakeholders, and to help make that case for museums.

This membership program is designed to provide semi-custom findings to member museums . . . research and analysis about your museum, your visitors, and your community.

Museums R+D is also designed to spread the costs of museum R+D among all member museums, providing high-caliber research, incisive analysis, and thought-provoking data and insights at a fraction of the cost.

So why should your museum join Museums R+D? Because you cannot get this combination of semi-custom results and big-picture thinking, tactical insights anywhere else.

Joining Museums R+D is like having an in-house R&D department, but paying for only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of dollars this work would otherwise cost.

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