Custom Engagements

For many museums, Museums R+D will provide the exactly the deep research and incisive analysis they need.

But for some museums, a Reach Advisors custom engagement will deliver the unique insights they need to make difficult decisions and develop a provocative and sustainable strategy for the future.

A custom engagement allows us to work closely with an individual museum to understand why it, and its unique mission, matters to visitors, communities, and society. We develop hypotheses around deep questions to get there, including:

  • What is the impact the museum has on people’s lives?
  • How does it align resources most effectively to deliver the intended impact?
  • How does it drive the biggest possible return on invested capital for the museum and the community they serve?
  • How can they develop greater community and financial support for those initiatives?
  • What would we lose if that museum was no longer there?
  • How can the museum deepen that impact, provide evidence of impact, and articulate it to others?
  • And how can change get funded?

We work together to help a museum build an optimal strategy to best match audience needs with a museum’s vision, enabling much greater impact from the investment entrusted to a museum by its community.

Our clients would agree. By focusing on an audience-centered strategy, some of our clients have seen attendance (and paid revenue) growth of 30 – 50%, and new funding sources as well.

Given the depth of our work, custom engagements typically last between three months and three years, and typically cost $80,000 – $250,000, depending on the scope of work. Because of that deep investment of time and resources, we typically only accept two to three custom museum engagements each year.