Expansion Plans

We want to serve the field with the deepest research and analysis possible. But we’ll be honest with you. National research on this scale is expensive and labor intensive, and even more so with the semi-customized research and reporting we are able to provide individual member museums. While some of this has been underwritten by Reach Advisors, a critical mass of museum members allows us to provide additional research and services, adding even more value to member museums.

Below are just some of the R+D services we might add as resources become available:

  • Fellowship program to expand topics covered for member museums
  • Greater ability to purchase general population samples
  • Longitudinal studies to track long-term impact of museums
  • Analysis by guest experts from the fields of cognitive and developmental psychology, education, behavioral economics, etc.
  • Anthropological studies
  • Special projects and experiments
  • Other projects requested by member museums to benefit broader field