Our Reports


Annual Survey Results

  • Slide deck with charts of data and commentary
  • Quantitative results and historic data (if available)
  • Qualitative responses
  • Results typically shared with museum within 10 weeks of survey deployment (though we always aim to complete these sooner)

Annual US Census/Demographic Report*

  • Slide deck comparing your core visitor audience to greater community population
  • Typically delivered each winter/spring.

Qualitative Research Query for The Museum Panel*

  • Brief slide deck sharing results of your custom qualitative question posed to The Museum Panel
  • Phone call with Senior Consultant to discuss slide deck and implications
  • Results typically shared within two months (though we always aim to complete these sooner)

Research Query to Existing Data*

  • Ability to leverage existing databases of Reach Advisors when relevant
  • Results typically shared within six weeks (though we always aim to complete these sooner)

*Intermediate and Advanced Access only

Field-Wide Updates

Monthly Memos

  • Around 6 per year on either:
    • An external trend or challenge facing museums, and the implications
    • A relatively self-contained museum topic, with supporting new research
  • Typically 4 – 12 pages
  • List of topics: