Privacy Information for Research Participants

Reach Advisors | Museums R+D is a consortium of museums who work with Reach Advisors to field deep research and development work on behalf of the museum field.  To learn more about why individuals and families choose to visit, or not visit museums, what they enjoy about museums, and how museums impact lives and communities, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative research with museum goers and the general public.


 How did we get your email address?

Through a survey you recently completed, either on behalf of a museum that you are on the email list of or follow on social media, or through what is known as a purchased sample of the general public.  At the end of the survey we explicitly asked if you would be interested in follow-up research on museums.  Only individuals who said “yes,” and then went on to provide an email address, are then contacted by us for follow-up research.


How do you use my email address?

We only use the email addresses of individuals who said “yes” to follow-up research, and we contact them via email no more than three times to invite them to participate in further research.  Typically, invitations are sent within 3 months of completion of the initial survey.  We honor all requests to be removed from our list.  Additionally, we do not share email addresses with anyone, not even museum members.  Finally, if someone asks to be removed from our list, or does not respond to emails inviting them to participate in follow-up research, then we delete their email address completely.  We don’t want to email people who do not want to hear from us.


What about The Museum Panel, the online panel you invited me to participate in.  How do you use that information?

The Museum Panel is an online panel that helps us learn much more about what individuals truly think of museums and their role in lives today.  What we learn is shared with our museum members so that they can make their museums more engaging for you, from exhibitions to programs to special events.  This information will also eventually be shared more broadly with the museum field.


Are my comments in The Museum Panel confidential?

Yes, to the best of our ability.  What do we mean by that?  When you initially sign in to The Museum Panel, you will confidentially share your name with Reach Advisors | Museums R+D.  But we strongly, strongly encourage you to use a made-up screen name in the panel, making you effectively anonymous to other panelists.  And while we want you to share your thoughts, we never, ever want you to share anything you are not totally comfortable sharing in this format.  That includes any identifying information.


Reach Advisors | Museums R+D will never release your name to any museum, in any publication, on any social media, unless we specifically ask your permission first.  To be honest, we have never found this necessary, and don’t foresee having to do so in the future.


All this being said, if you still choose to use your actual name in the panel, or share it or any other identifying information in your responses, it will be seen by other panelists.  We ask that panelists maintain confidentiality about identities in particular, and if we found out that any panelists was sharing identifying information more broadly we would, of course, immediately remove that individual from the panel.  But we cannot virtually control the actions of panelists, which is why we strongly, strongly encourage you to use a made-up screen name.


I want to talk to a real person about your research and/or your commitment to privacy.  Can I do that?

Yes!  We are happy to talk with you.  Please get in touch!